Facial Recognition for Brand Awareness

The facial recognition technology has gained tremendous popularity in the business sector. It is maintaining a strong foothold in numerous industries and is continuously evolving with improved features and enhanced benefits.

Facial recognition for brand awareness

Among different functions in a company that facial recognition can contribute positively, marketing is one of the most impacting parts. Applications based on facial recognition not only equip companies to make better decisions, but also immensely improve the marketing efforts toward the right target market. Below are some ways facial recognition can be used to create improved brand awareness.

Identifying Customers and Build Client Database

Identifying customers and building a client database is the first and most common way a company can use facial recognition to boost the brand’s customer outreach. Companies can build a database with user information by verifying customers and classifying them into demographic groups or target audiences. Facial recognition can then be used to identify different customers as the target audience in various locations. With image recognition, reaching out to the right people with the right marketing message is much more effective and efficient.

Improved Customer Service

Brand awareness is created more effectively by providing existing and new clients with the best customer service experiences. Facial recognition allows companies to make their processes much faster, more accurate, and error-free. No matter where you are in the world, the application can recognize you as a customer and provide you with various features like cardless or contactless payments, fast access to services, quick identification by sales staff, and improved productivity in many other ways.

While traveling, clients can receive targeted discounts, fast check-ins and check-outs, and streamline their e-commerce transactions efficiently. The better service experiences a customer gets, the better the chances of improving brand awareness worldwide.

Personalized Services

Facial recognition helps companies to fill their client database with valuable client information and offer personalized services. Every time a specific customer walks into a store, hotel, restaurant, or even logs onto a website, the system can recognize and identify their needs and preferences according to their previously saved profile. The customer can then automatically be offered relevant products and services customized based on the collected client information.

Tailor-made Marketing Efforts

Each customer is unique and different. Facial recognition allows companies to use client information in a proactive manner. By accurately identifying the customer, companies can target them with a specific type of marketing message. Based on their previously collected database information and buying history, a company can draft customized personal marketing messages for clients to enhance the brand’s awareness.

Sensors installed in shops and stores can scan shoppers’ faces and identify their age and gender demographics. A database of such information can also help companies to send relevant ads and targeted messages to customers.

Aiding Consumer Research

Building brand awareness is not a single-day affair. It can take months and even years to create brand awareness. Facial recognition applications enable companies to conduct premium quality consumer research, which may help to speed up the process.

With facial recognition, a system can identify various facial reactions and connect clients with media content and advertisements. A company can then use clients’ responses to improve the content and marketing strategy. Such systems can identify and understand a client’s reaction to marketing by detecting mood, wrinkles, frowns, and smiles. An advanced system may even consider the pupil’s dilation or the iris’s movement.

Having access to such information can be very beneficial for the company’s marketing efforts. It is a great catalyst to boost customer engagement and provides companies with invaluable information to enhance their brand awareness in the market.